Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Has Pakatan Rakyat been better than the BN? What say you?

After the results of GE2008 was announced, many of us were elated when the opposition coalition known as the Pakatan Rakyat had managed to wrest 5 States from the Barisan Nasional, and deny the BN its 2/3rd majority in Parliament.

We cannot hope for much change at the level of the Federal Government because it is still a BN government - but with regard to the 5 States of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor - we should have seen some of the 'changes for the better' now that it is being governed by the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS (and maybe soon to be registered PSM). Are there any real changes in this new Pakatan Rakyat states?

LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS - no change from when these states were under the BN, as they did appoint the Local Councils, and the call for Local Council Elections from civil society groups and the members of these opposition parties are dying off - more so after many of those who did make the call previously accepted appointment. I also wonder why all the Heads of Local Councils/Mayors in Selangor are of one ethnicity?

TRANSPARENCY - well there was a call for a declaration of wealth and assets of Chief Ministers/Menteri Besars & the State Excos. Sadly, there was some resistance to this at the beginning - and apparently now there has been such a declaration made. But then, where can we go and see this - or is it just like the BN - where the 'truth' is only for the eyes of the PM (and in this case the MBs). So, nothing different from the BN, is there...

What else??? Well, I hope that you who who read this posting in my Blog will share with all the changes that have happened by posting comments to this post....

YES - we are now all being distracted by Wan Azizah's resignation as MP, Anwar's campaign for Permatang Pauh, the Saiful allegations, the possible Sodomy trial, the fact that Abdullah is no more popular - the fact that the Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal Government by September 16....


BUT let us be honest and evaluate whether all we will be getting would be 'new people' in government or some real changes. As mentioned earlier, it is time for us to look and see whether there has had been any REAL and SIGNIFICANT changes in these 5 Pakatan Rakyat states??

So, all ye who are observing, share with us your observations.... of REAL changes that have happened.


Anonymous said...

Of course, theres :-

1) No mercedes purchases.
2) Free water
3) Move to give land titles to New Villages in Perak
4) move for residents to convert land titles in Penang
5) expose of Penang land scams
6) expose of Penang and Selangor scams of public money by Exco spouses.

So much in 5 months!!!

You should ask what has the BeeEnd useless state govts done in 5 months!!!!

Anonymous said...

With every service machinery eg.ACA, AG, IGP, Judiciary, EC and etc still biasedly under BN's control, I would say PR is already fortunate for being able to remain in tack.
Lets be fair, PR has just gained a tiny beach head in the last election. I say lets give them time before we ask them for a decent report card.

Anonymous said...

Is it fair to comment when PKR is only 5 months "governing" old wherea BN is 50 years...

ken said...

On my opinion, we can't concluded on the new PR state government. I think this is unfair for PR with just not even one year in their position. But I can concluded BN is worst and every one suffer, every one looks for change, PR is the only hope.

mode de la shadow said...

how & what little things Pakatan achieved for the last 5 months gave me hope =)

prior to that i had none.

BN only make u think what they want of u is the best for u.

Anonymous said...

maybe we should also comment on all the things that the Pakatan Rakyat government have NOT done....such as corruption, accepting kickbacks, etc etc..Heck, the Penang gov even has a rule that says that the state excos are FORBIDDEN from bidding on state land deals etc etc. During BN's time....where got these kind of rules. Once you are a state exco, can build your own palace on government land wo.... I feel it is right that the PR govermnent is digging up the wrongdoings of the past government. They are not "dwelling in the past" or "forgoing thier obligations to govern" but they are fighting for the rights of the rakyat which has been violated these past 50 years

Anonymous said...

Lets put it in perspective. All PR has state RM6 billion and rules that are still in Federal Hands work with. BN has some RM 180 billion (40X more) to work with and with rules anyway they want.

IF PR don't mess up big time, its already better than BN. They clearly overdeliver and underpromise compare to overpromise and underdeliver for BN

Anonymous said...

There are some changes in Pakatan states. I can only see one change in BN states i.e. Mercedes!!!!

On Federal level, BN did some major changes i.e. raise fuel prices, cooked "sodo-mee", cancelled many Pakatan states projects, created highest inflation ever, set up road blocks to create massive jams and many more.

I am not be surprise if Melaka, N.Sembilan, Terengganu and Perlis will fall to Pakatan in next GE, assuming DSAI did not manage to change govt by Sept 16.

In terms of changes that affect the people's lives, BN definitely did more than Pakatan, just that I am not sure all of it are good.

Anonymous said...

In Ipoh, drains are being cleaned.

Victor said...

well..the declaration of asset thing is difficult to start with. what guarantee do you have gangsters won't target you if you declare you have 10 million worth of assets?

nevertheless..we could probably start with declaring any interests/stakes the excos may have in any company, who the close relatives are so that contracts do not go to them..stuffs like that.

in this respect, i think we can follow the singaporean model :))

Anonymous said...

Our nation that is rich in natural resources have been governed by the devil, BN, for 51 years. We, the rakyat, has been raped and sodomised left and right and middle with no real benefit as the bulk of it goes to their cronies or those with connections. So, our only hope for the betetr lies with PR and we should let them rule for at least 20 years and then see what is their report card. If we are not happy with PR performances vote them out as we did on BN.

meiphing said...

i wonder whether the state goverment can develop the states easily or not, cos the federal gov seems to be very reluctant to cooperate.

and i think that PR needs more time for the learning curve, and hopefully they learn fast !