Monday, August 18, 2008

Hacked?? - No access during week-ends..

This week-end, again after 4pm on Saturday(16/8/2008), I find myself not able to access the internet - until just now about 3.45pm, Monday (18/8/2008) - I am able to do so. Analysis show that it has something to do with the "DNS".

I would not make a big deal out of it, but it also happened the week-end before -- gone and it mysteriously came back after the week-end.

My observation shows that people do visit the Blogs more during the weekends - compared to other days.

HACKED - could this be the reason? Welcome all your comments about this, and also suggestions as to prevent a repeat of this problem the coming weak.

This morning, my partner contacted and complained to Streamsyx (that 100 number) - and guess what, they said that they can send a technician over BUT they will have to charge RM88 or more - depending on what is wrong.

I am shocked at this -- and say that this is not at all right. You are the service provider, and we pay monthly 'big money' to you - and I believe that you should provide service FREE OF CHARGE when there is a problem with your Streamyx service.

Recently, I also found out that for the installation of Streamyx, the new subscriber has to pay about additional money for installation - BUT then customers have the option of installing Streamyx themselves using the CD (or DVD) - and if they have problems, they can pay that RM80 something for the company technicians to come...

How can the government allow this? Is there not some Consumer Protection department and/or Ministry to look into this...


Anonymous said...

This shit happens all the time.
Use an openDNS.
Go to your network config and change the DNS server.

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artic turban said...

ASK THE tecnician who comes over to fix of install your streamyx, they are bumi sub-contractors, to umno linked companies. I personally know of people who are doing this work, so what free service are you talking about. in malaysia there are no free rides. LOL i thought you would have realised this by now. that is the problem with monopolies

Anonymous said...

Check and strutinise your bill if your line is done by a crony agent.

You may be subcribed to Services that you do not know what it is nor know how to use it.

I had the same problem and ended up with me having to make the iniative to call them as well as pay them visits at my own expense to solve it.

They will take a few months to sort it our all in the name of their "Quran" = "Internal Procedure". In the meantime. they advise you to pay eventhough there is overpayment if I do not want my line suspended which they insist is beyond their control because they can not do anything as it is done by their computer. This is as if they think I am stupid and that I do not know that whatever the computer does, it is all preset by a human.

Guess what, I got fed up and told them this:-

1. I also have my procedure and my procedure is simple. If I make payment, my left hand and my right hand have to approve it. And as in past precedent, when I overpay someone, my left hand and right hand can not approve any more payment to Telekom

2. With fraud and fraudulent billings by Telekom, I am surprised that Telekom and their employees do not see it fit to see me and solve the situation and instead as usual, the consumers and me included have to drive to their Office to complain. If that is the case, than I am afraid, I have to be paid taxi fare, petrol allowance and parking fees to bring the issue to them and hoping to solve it.

3. As they have stole my money and is my net debtor, they should tell me with a strong reason why, they can suspend my line since the money they stole from me is more than a months usuage (internet connection and phone calls included)

4. If they can not give me any answers, I will proceed to lodged a Police Report with evidence that they defraud me and have worked in cahoots with their appointed agents to cheat me.

5. I also threaten to them that I will go to the Press to which they pleaded me not to as there will be too many of similar cases to handle.

Guess, the end result, my account was flagged with a "VIP" Status and this means even if i did not pay them, my account will not be suspended!!!

On top of that, I billed them taxi fares which I deduct fro my bill and this was approved and written off in by bill!!!

So bang tables with Telekom. You just can not be too nice with them.

I hope I have shared something with blog readers on how to solve problems with Telekom