Monday, August 09, 2010

PR State Elections can be at a different time from Parliamentary elections...

The UMNO-led BN government can determine when we have our next General Elections for us to elect in our new Members of Parliament...i.e. Parliamentary elections.

The respective State governments can decide when we have the respective State Elections - for people to vote in their ADUNs.

There is really no necessity, I believe, for us to have the Parliamentary elections and all the State elections at the same time. Note, now only Sarawak has elected to have their State elections at a different time. In fact, all States can have their own State elections at different times. Previously, when the UMNO-led BN controlled all State governments (save 1 or 2), they called for elections at the same time. But really, there is no need for the State Legislative Assembly of any State to dissolve at about the same time to have a elections at the same time.

So, maybe the Pakatan Rakyat governed States can now decide a different date for their State elections.

It may be good, because the people sometimes like a 'check and balance' - i.e. If UMNO-led BN wins the Federal Elections, people may 'balance things off' by voting in the Opposition to rule the States. This was what was happening when we had Local Council elections - and people were voting in the Opposition at the Local Council level, and it is because the UMNO-led BN (or earlier coalition) was not able to change this trend, they decided to just get rid of the Local Council elections. In fact, some say that Pakatan Rakyat is also afraid that if they bring back Local Council elections, the people may vote in a significant number of UMNO-BN candidates... Why? Check and not give anyone absolute power...

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