Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Will Anwar also be democratically elected as 'Supreme Leader' of PKR?

I was just wondering whether PKR members will be also be voting for the 'Ketua Umum' (Supreme Leader?) of the party, being Anwar Ibrahim. This really is not the post of some 'Honourary Advisor', which may be some ex-Presidents or senior party member, but is really the position of the head of PKR - and, over the past months we have seen that it has not been the 'President' who have been perceceived and/or treated as the head of PKR but Anwar Ibrahim, their 'Supreme Leader'

The term, 'Ketua Umum' has been also used by others refering to the leader of the party - but they, who are democratic, should have elections for this position too...this will ensure that the 'Ketua Umum' also has the support of the membership. It is best that this be a contested elections - not a 'no contest' position.

PETALING JAYA: Some 400,000 Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) members will pick their national leaders through an eight-day staggered election in October and November.

The members, from 205 branches and 13 pro tem branches, will cast their ballots between Oct 29 and Nov 21 to decide on the president, deputy president, four vice-presidents and 20 central committee members for the 2010-2013 term.

“We have set out a schedule for the branches to cast their votes during the weekends and the counting would be done on the same day,” PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali told a press conference here yesterday.

He said there would also be elections for 25 posts each in the Wanita and Youth wings and the leadership at the branch levels from Sept 17 to Oct 3.

“It has been decided that members whose applications were approved before June 27 are eligible to contest and vote,” he said, disclosing that a 10-member election steering committee, headed by Dr Molly Cheah, would oversee the running of the branch and national party elections.

There will also be 150 election supervisors.

Dr Syed Husin said party members from Sabah and Sarawak who are working in the peninsula would be allowed to vote at the PKR headquarters here for the national leadership.

“This would be convenient for them, rather than having to travel back to their home states,” he said.

Dr Syed Husin said it was a historic event, claiming that no other political party had their leadership elected directly by the members.

Until the amendments to the party’s constitution last year, the PKR leadership was chosen by delegates to its general assembly.

Dr Syed Husin said the party had prepared a code of ethics for prospective candidates as well as a list of “frequently asked questions” to help in the smooth running of the party elections.

The official results of the party polls will be announced at its national assembly scheduled for Nov 27 and Nov 28. - Star, 11/8/2010, PKR leaders to be elected
Given that Anwar is the "Ketua Umum" - it may be best that his wife not be sitting as President, but it is for the membership to decide.
The Deputy President's position is also of importance - the removal of Dr Syed Husin Ali (former PRM President) may be unwise - for it would in fact erase effectively the significance of the merger that gives rise to Parti Keadilan Rakyat. How many of the ex-PRM members are in positions of leadership at the different branch, division and State levels? Almost none - for it is difficult to compete with the 'UMNO-style political tactics', where votes are obtained through promises of 'goodies' - not by reason that so and so is the best leader.  Today, only a few ex-PRM members remain in the leadership of the party, and this include Tian Chua, Sivarasa Rasiah, Lateefa Koya. Come, this elections of the party may again see the rise of more ex-BN persons into leadership positions - and hence, PKR may become even more another UMNO like party or a BN like party.
It is also sad that there seem to be very few prominent new leaders in the party, with their own progressive thinking and ideas. Having attended some PKR ceramahs, it saddens me to note that there seriously needs a development of leaders - who have an indepth understanding of issues and concerns. Most, when they get on the podium, reiterates 'old stories' that have been spoken about (written about). In a recent ceramah in Temerloh, it was sad that a PKR leader was so caught up with Rosmah & the stories about her. People really are bored with the scandals, etc - and want to hear what PKR (and/or Pakatan Rakyat) plans to do that will be beneficial for the people as a whole...
There have been rumours that Azmin Ali may be going for the No.2 (or is it the No.3) position of Deputy President but again this is an Anwar's boy - i.e. he was Anwar's political secretary from don't know when, and given that fact, would it not be an 'all in the family' affair at the pinnacle of PKR's leadership. Some say it may be Zaid Ibrahim - well, after his sudden stand on the ISA after GE12, he jumped to PKR and Anwar has raised him high in the party (and Pakaotan Rakyat). But remember, despite not being an MP - the UMNO/BN leadership made him a Senator and a Minister...and one still wonders whether this 'favourite son of UMNO' is really not a well-devised strategy that may one day jump boat and take many with him to continue an UMNO-led BN rule in Malaysia. I say let him just be an exco member - and maybe in the next PKR election one could consider him for an higher up position. But again, it is all up to the PKR members to decide...
Disturbingly, the issue of personal wealth is becoming material. One of the criticisms against Syed Husin seem to be that he is 'poor' - i.e. he does not have the money to be able to move around and meet supporters (or maybe what they really mean is that he has  'no money to pay supporters to guarantee continued support (i.e. something practiced in a lot of BN parties, and some say even within some opposition parties. My support depends on what you can give me - i.e. money, contracts, positions of power, etc...)'. Knowing Syed Husin, I believe that even if he was super wealthy like the likes of Khalid or Zaid or Anwar, he will not use his money/position to stay in power.

More importantly, they say, he lacks the personal financial means to move around as much as he would like to, or as expected.

anti ppsmi english language for math and science ceramah 230209 syed hussein aliAnd Syed Husin (left) is not one known to beg the party for financial help or, allegedly like some of the others eyeing the deputy presidency, lobby for opportunities that will help oil his political machine.- Malaysiakini, 6/8/2010,
Five in fray for PKR deputy presidency

It is sad because today many people in Malaysia (influenced by the culture propagated during the UMNO-led BN rule of Malaysia) will only support you if they know that they will get something material in return - money, contracts, positions,... But, I do hope that this is still not the case with the majority - you chose your leaders and/or wakil rakyat because you know that this person will fighting for changes that will be for the good of all in Malaysia, especially the poor and the oppressed. Support is given freely unconditionally without any hope of reaping any rewards or preferences for oneself (or one's family) if the the candidate is successful.




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Dear Charles,

When you're wearing dark sunglasses, please don't try to judge the color of someone else dressing.

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the man is fighting a losing war to keep in from jail is much more important than becoming a Party president.

and why cant we follow system in India, US and UK where party president does not become PM and president.......