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Mat Sabu NOT Muhyiddin should be HOME Minister?

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Muhyiddin Yassin may not be the best choice for Home Minister...not yet. The reason is that he was so recently in the UMNO-BN cabinet of Najib, and there is very little history of him speaking out for reforms and changes especially in the police force or enforcement agencies that will come under the Home Ministry's responsibilities. 

A quite man really, who never really spoke out about inadequacies in the UMNO-BN administration save for speaking about the 1MDB which led to his removal from the Cabinet and later UMNO.

Being DPM and also in the cabinet of the UMNO-BN government, and an UMNO leader for so long - he certainly may not be the best choice now to deal with real REFORMS and changes within the departments and agencies, especially the police, MACC, Immigration Department and enforcement agencies that comes under the responsibilities of the Home Minister. 

Now, one area that he would have to focus on is also the Immigration Department, which was previously under Zahid Hamidi, which outsourced work that really should be done by the Immigration Department. 

Now, we are focusing much on Najib - but we really need to also start focusing on the past DPM, Zahid Hamidi, as there was a lot of concerns about 'family' involvement in certain companies who have been dealing with issues concerning immigration - remember the issue of the over a million of Bangladeshi migrant workers. Consider also the oddity that some companies involving in recruitment of migrants were strangely also getting 'work' outsourced by the Immigration Department. 

Will Muhyiddin be able to discount his past relationships with Zahid Hamidi or others in the former Najib's Cabinet and the leadership of UMNO? He may or may not may not be the issue - but perception of Malaysians is a concern.

Remember Muhyiddin was a recent former Deputy Prime Minister of Najib, and personally, I found that he was just 'too silent' in the face of wrongdoings and abuses that may or may not have happened not just in 1MDB. 

His silence then, and his failure to not actively speak out even NOW about all the other wrongdoings that may have happened which he reasonably should have known also makes people very concerned. Remember that not only the perpetrator of wrongs or crime is guilty, but also those who knowingly keeps 'quite' - for their silence may even make them an 'accomplice'.

For example, the money in Najib's personal bank account, which allegedly was used for the UMNO-BN campaign for the last elections - the money which Najib's brother doled out ...etc. Has Muhyiddin to date revealed any of these wrongdoing - or even stated that he was against such practices. OR did it just take it and use it during  PRU13? Silence could create the impression that he may have even been agreeable to such practices.

REPENT - Well, it is true that Muhyiddin may have repented his wrongdoings but sadly, I do not remember him disclosing these wrongdoings and apologizing for it. The investigations are ongoing on Najib, but alas some of these happened during the time that Muhyiddin was the DPM.

If Muhyiddin alleges that he did not know - then his competence as UMNO No. 2 and DPM becomes a question.

All these concerns may make Muhyiddin unsuitable for the post of Home Minister at this very moment...maybe Mat Sabu should be made Home Minister, and maybe Muhyiddin should hold the Defence Minister portfolio or some other portfolio.

As investigations are on-going on Najib and matters that happened during the UMNO-BN 'reign', some of which certainly happened when Muhyiddin was Deputy Prime Minister, and also the No.2 in UMNO and BN, would it not be odd that he becomes the HOME Minister NOW in charge of the police and other enforcement agencies doing this current investigation. Would his position as HOME Minister affect the investigations, as some of these investigations may reveal his own personal involvement in some of these wrongs? 

He may also end up being a potential witness for the prosecution in cases against Najib and other persons in past administration - well, it would be odd if he is also the Home Minister.

Scorpene - Well, this may directly be linked to the Defence Ministry. So, which Ministry for Muhyiddin - something that is certainly not linked to possible wrongdoings of Najib and its government. Well the various issues - FELDA, Proton, ECRL, Immigration, Police, etc

Will UMNO be declared illegal - well, is not the Registrar of Society also under the Home Minister?

Muhyiddin, really, at this time, should really not even be in Cabinet - but, if he must be, then he should really not be put in charge of any of the Ministries that are being investigated now OR may be investigated in the near future, or 'involved' in some of these crimes.

This is my OPINION ...and our concerned must be for the best of Malaysia, and what we need now is a CLEAN untarnished and efficient government....and public perception must never be ignored.


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