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Najib responsible for Malaysia's financial problems? Leakages? NO?

We all know that Najib and the UMNO-BN government is having serious financial problems - and this has impacted our children in schools, the healthcare provided by the government facilities, road maintenance and upkeep, subsidies that Malaysians used to enjoy, etc ...So, now during GE14, where is Najib and the UMNO-BN finding the 'money' that is being handed out, and the money to fulfill the promises being made..

In the last few years, schools received less monies for its extra-curricular activities like even annual sports, basic maintenance and upkeep of the school facilities, etc - and there has been an increase attempt to get more monies from parents(through PIBGs) and even from the Alumni - What has happened to the budget allocation of the Education Ministry? There should be enough money allocated to take care of basic repairs, upkeep of school facilities, etc ...

In healthcare, well after seeing the doctor, we can only get about one month's supply of medicine - so people have come month after month just to collect medicines. How much money and hours have to be expended by ordinary people for this? Recently, government also started charging Malaysians full rates for 2nd Class and above patients. Of course, earlier, heart healthcare was available at many government hospitals - then it got shifted to Institut Jantung Negara [previously the maximum would be RM1-2,000 but today, IJN charges tens of thousands of ringgit - about RM30-RM40K - which most Malaysians cannot afford or find it difficult to pay]

UMNO-BN strategy of privatization and corporatization also is problematic. The reason given earlier was that it would be more efficient and cost the same [or even cheaper] - well, that is not happening, is it? Is the UMNO-BN spending more now 'after privatization' and 'outsourcing' to private companies. Is it more efficient? Well, a pipe in the kampung was leaking - after complaining the Jabatan Bekalan Air send our of its contractor, who repaired the pipe - but did not cover the pipe and re-surface the road...why because the contractor said that it was done by another contractor ...by the time the next contractor turned up which was more than a week later...cars using the road had resulted in the pipe breaking again ...so, the wait continues, and much water lost..

With the phones by TM - same problem some contractors just deal with outside the house problems, and others with inside the house..TNB, in my opinion, is the most efficient - their response time is fast and TNB usually comes to settle the problems..

What about postal services - well, in the past, there were locked POST BOXES in most housing areas -where you could post your letters/cards...and every day(or several times a day), the postman comes and picks up the letters. In Temerloh now, I have to travel to the post Office in Temerloh or Mentakab, which is about 5 km just to post a letter. 

GLC or government owned companies - How many companies do the government still own? Where is the disclosure about the profits owned by these government owned companies - how much of it is flowing back into the Malaysian government coffers - to be used by the people of Malaysia? 

Now, GLCs and government owned companies should not be using their profits on their own - as determined by the Board of Directors ...or their shareholders...but its must be returned to the Government of Malaysia to be used for the people of Malaysia?

So, it was a mystery how come that 1MDB who is in debt, possibly also not making profits - more so, since it is financed primarily with loans(i.e. debts) worth possibly billions of ringgit. Well, since the audited accounts are not out for several years, we really do not know the financial status (income, expense, profits, liabilities(debts)] - so why is this Malaysian government owned 'private' company giving out monies for people to go on Haj...??? What else is 1MDB spending its money on? And, these monies - are they real profits? 

Now for the performance of Haj - where there is quota placed by Saudi Arabia on the number of Malaysians who can go every year, and there is a LONG queue of Malaysians waiting to be able to go perform their haj ...but the 1MDB program seems not sponsoring the POOR or those on the head of line - but ...'...imam, bilal, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK) serta wakil badan bukan kerajaan (NGO)...' Yes, many Muslims will be very happy that 1MDB is using its money for this - but is it not discriminatory to just be sponsoring mostly UMNO-BN government appointed individuals and some representatives of 'wakil badan bukan kerajaan (NGO)'

Anyway, this should not be allowed - because profits from GLCs and 'government owned companies' should flow back to the people of Malaysia, vide the government - and that money should be used by the Government - and even for the performance of Haj - it must used for all Muslim Malaysian(preferably the poor, who may not be able to afford going for Haj otherwise) - certainly not simply for government appointed individuals like ''...imam, bilal, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK)..' How many of these were UMNO-BN parti members or supporters? How many were non-members?

Are GLCs and government owned companies using money to directly sponsor the Prime Minister and other UMNO-BN members and cronnies? This is so wrong - profits must flow back to government, and government use the money to do the needed for the people - which may also include sponsoring the poor Malaysian Muslims to go perform their haj? 

If GLCs and government owned companies use their monies for their own little under the guise of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) to assist promoting the UMNO-BN and to help 'friends' of the UMNO-BN - it is so wrong. Other private(not government owned or GLCs) can use their own money for various CSR programs - that is their own shareholders choice - but not 'government-owned companies'...

UMNO-BN government also have no law in place to ensure that GLCs do not over pay CEO, Directors, other management staff too high a salary or allowance. Why should CEOs and Directors and the like to be paid so high ...sometimes higher that the public servant(penjawat awam) scale including the PM, Speaker, Ministers, etc...something so wrong. If workers were being paid higher wages - but do any GLC and 'government owned company' even have a higher minimum wage policy - say RM1,500 or RM2,500...I think not? Are GLC employers making a higher EPF contribution for workers? 


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Peserta program khas haji berlepas awal

PUTRAJAYA: Seramai 1,200 peserta Program Khas Haji Perdana Menteri akan berangkat ke Makkah awal Julai ini.

Pengerusi Alumni program terbabit, Datuk Jailani Ngah, berkata kumpulan berkenaan yang terdiri daripada imam, bilal, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK) serta wakil badan bukan kerajaan (NGO), akan berlepas bermula dengan penerbangan kedua dari Kuala Lumpur.

"Surat tawaran program akan diserahkan kepada peserta pada 2 Februari ini, berbanding sebelum ini di mana peserta berangkat melalui penerbangan pertengahan, tahun ini mereka dapat berangkat dengan penerbangan awal kerana surat tawaran diserahkan lebih awal," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada media selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat jawatankuasa khas sempena Majlis Penyerahan Surat Tawaran Haji di Perdana Putra di sini, hari ini.

Jailani berkata, selepas tujuh tahun dilaksanakan, beliau menjangkakan kira-kira separuh lagi golongan yang disasarkan itu belum menunaikan haji atas beberapa faktor termasuk kurang berkemampuan dan komitmen kerja.

"Ada juga yang sudah mendaftar haji tapi hanya dapat pergi selepas usia 98 tahun. Jadi, program ini akan membantu golongan seperti imam dan Pengerusi JKKK menunaikan haji.

"Pada tahun ini, skop peserta program yang ditaja sepenuhnya Yayasan 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) ini turut diperluaskan kepada ahli Majlis Guru Besar dan Majlis Pengetua, Majlis Agama Islam serta pesara kerajaan.

"Sehingga tahun lalu, seramai 5,700 orang sudah menunaikan haji melalui program berkenaan," katanya. - Berita Harian, 23/1/2018


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