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BR1M need to be abolished? Assistance to the poor must be reviewed and made a RIGHT rather than simply PM's discretion?

BR1M must be abolished....UMNO-BN never understood that poorer Malaysians deserved more financial assistance compared to the those who are less poor.

See earlier post:-

Unjust BR1M - the poorer must receive more assistance...the richer households lesser

Remember also that UMNO-BN also lost about RM3.34 million through BR1M between 2012 -2014, how much more were lost in later years?

BR1M - Those who 'stole' RM3.34 million of our money must be charged, tried and convicted?

The government overpaid a total of RM3.34 million in Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) due to irresponsible recipients cashing their vouchers more than once.

The amount was a combination of the total BR1M payment made from 2012 until 2014, the Auditor-General’s Report 2014 Series 1 released today showed.

The report stated that a total of 2,188, or 0.05%, recipients for BR1M 2012 cashed their vouchers at least more than once amounting to RM1.11 million, 2,490 (0.04%) recipients for BR1M 2013 amounting to RM1.14 million and 1,899 (0.03%) recipients in the first phase of BR1M 2014 amounted to RM1.09 million.

How many POOR in Malaysia? The UMNO-BN government did not provide us the details of income of individual Malaysians, and Malaysian families. We do not know how many individuals/families earn less than RM1,000 a month, many earn less than RM2,000...Of late, the UMNO-BN 'hid the full truth' by simply providing us "median income''(which really is the amount of income earned by the 50th person in a list of of say 100 people ranked lowest to highest - so, we really do not know how much the really poor were earning...maybe 49 were earning less than RM1,000 per month?

The other thing that the UMNO-BN used to provide us is the MEAN income - which from a list of 100, all their income is added and divided by 100. So, if 100th person earns RM500,000 and all the others earn RM0, then the mean will work out to RM5,000? Again, we do not know the true income of Malaysians.

The other problem was the meaning of 'Household' that is now used. It does not mean family now means all persons living in a house, so 10 workers earning RM1,000 living in one house will give you an Household Income of RM10,000 (which sounds great!)

Description 2A household is defined as a person or group of related or unrelated persons who usually live together and make common provisions for food and other essentials of living and sleep in the selected living quarters for at least 16 nights during the reference month. An exception is made in the case of fisherman, long distance taxi and express bus drivers and loggers who are considered as household members regardless of wether they slept in the living quarters or not.

Source : Prices
Source Detail : Report On Household Expenditure Survey Malaysia - Department of Statistics Website

What is the POVERTY LINE INCOME? It really must look at REAL INCOME (Salary plus other income MINUS maybe expenses like Loan Repayment and Basic Amenities?)  

21 million poor Malaysians in need of government financial aid? Poverty line income should be increased to RM3,000 in line with BR1M

FIRSTLY, we need to know the REAL status of monthly income of Malaysians(plus maybe foreign spouses of Malaysians) not other foreign migrant workers/business people. TARGET GROUP must be really ascertained before we can assist them out of poverty.

How do we do this? Maybe all Malaysians need to submit INCOME Tax returns every year - listing all their income (wages plus other income from rental/business less maybe ....). That will help the government really know the financial situation of Malaysians, because people should not lie in such declarations. {Officers of the Welfare Ministry can always verify if needed.)

GOVERNMENT should provide financial assistance or 'other assistance' to really help immediately - WELFARE.

But the real object must be assistance to help them out of increasing earning abilities. FELDA scheme originally did this - it provided land and means of earning, with the object that the poor will ultimately become financially independent...

Of course, for some like the elderly, mentally/physically challenged, etc...there will be still need for regular financial assistance in the form of welfare..

UMNO-BN, with regard to the welfare assistance provided in relevant laws are really is too little to survive in Malaysia today. The relevant Minister need to immediately review these laws - and increase financial assistance to the really poor, who are incapable of becoming financially independent...

For example asistance provided to the elderly is RM350/- a month(surely, this is an absurd amount for Malaysia in 2018)


 RM350 sebulan seorang.

Saraan hidup kepada warga tua yang memerlukan bantuan supaya terus tinggal dalam komuniti.

  1. Warga tua berumur 60 tahun ke atas;
  2. Tiada mata pencarian tertentu untuk menyara hidup;
  3. Jika mempunyai keluarga tetapi keluarga tidak berkemampuan untuk menyara hidup. - see
Now, Wan Azizah, our DPM, is the relevant Minister....the rates of assistance really need to be reviewed and increased... 

This new Pakatan Harapan government really need to review and increase financial aid to those that do not have the ability to generate sufficient income in Malaysia... 

If financial assistance are to be given out, make it a RIGHT in law - not a 'discretion' of the sitting Prime Minister or government. Enact clear laws, listing who is entitled for what aid and when.

MALAYSIANS ALSO NEED TO CARE - We need to prioritize aid to the really needy...

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