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No more political appointees in Local Councils, JKKK...but democratically elected peoples' representatives?

Political Appointees will be removed - and really should be replaced with democratically elected people's representatives, and this should happen also at the Local Councils and also in the JKKK(and also Kampungs, Kampung Barus and Taman).

The government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 "political appointees" hired by the previous government, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
No use, if Pakatan Harapan just simply replace UMNO-BN 'political appointees' with new Pakatan Harapan 'political appointees'. But alas, our Selangor Pakatan Harapan government  is doing just this...meeting with the Pakatan Harapan component parties, to allocate the number of seats which  each of the 4 component parties will place their own 'political appointees' 

Problem with 'political appointees' especially at Local Councils, and the different local communities is that they are simply not what the people want as their representatives - simply what the State/Federal government want to place(irrespective of the people's feelings) as the people's representative.

State/Federal government can put their 'officers' to monitor and ensure that the needs of the people are not ignored - and that government provision of development and other 'benefiits' are properly delivered to the areas. This people should really be 'public servants', not party 'appointees' - and certainly not government imposed on people members of Local Councils, or leaders of kampungs, kampung barus, taman...

That is for the government, now the political party, including Pakatan Harapan, can also as part of their own political party strategy appoint their members to monitor and ensure an effective communication with the people on the ground, as well as to 'highlight' needs/concerns in different areas - but that is a party matter. Wrong to use 'government funds' to pay or support such activities.

UMNO-BN may have used government funds - by paying these 'political appointees' by simply making them Local Councilors, JKKK or Ketua Kampungs....Will Pakatan Harapan simply just continue these UMNO-BN 'BAD' practices?

'Spoils of War' - these 'political appointments' ...allocation of projects/privileges to party members/cronies was the UMNO-BN way...will Pakatan Harapan also do the same now...There have been rumours that such 'UMNO-BN' practices did continue in some previous Pakatan Rakyat States - it really must stop now...and we should have a new era of clean government - where there will certainly be no more 'political appointees' - but rather more democratically elected and chosen by the people people's representatives?

UMNO-BN was famous for 'penalising' people and areas that did not support the UMNO-BN or their candidates > Pakatan Harapan should not follow similar policies and practices. They must treat all Malaysians equally - irrespective of whether they voted for the Pakatan Harapan or not.

Election won - and now there must be no discrimination in favour of PH party members(or their friends). Every one in the country, including even UMNO-BN members, should now be treated equally by the government. For the responsibility of MP, ADUNs and government/s is to all in the area and the country.


Govt to cut 17,000 'political appointees' to reduce expenditure

TRIMMING THE FAT ... Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced today that government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 'political appointees' hired by the previous government. — Sunpix by Ashraf Shamsul
PUTRAJAYA: The government plans to reduce its expenditure by slashing 17,000 "political appointees" hired by the previous government, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. 

Describing the exercise as "looking to trim the excess fat", Mahathir said the excessive spending by the previous government has forced the Pakatan Harapan administration to make the decision.

"There are too many contract officers, some of whom were for administrative needs while others were political appointees. Political appointees will be terminated," he told reporters at Yayasan Perdana, here, yesterday. 

However, Mahathir stressed that those earning low wages would be spared by being reassigned to other jobs which suit their respective qualifications.

"In cases where they are drivers, who get a low salary, it would be a burden to them if we terminate them abruptly. We do not want to make life difficult for them as well," he said.

On another matter, Mahathir also made it clear that those in Barisan Nasional who wish to defect to Pakatan Harapan will not be accepted as registered members of parties in the coalition.

Responding to calls by the public against accepting those who jump from BN, he assured the people that their wishes will be seen through and that such membership applications will not be accepted.

"The people, we believe cannot accept Umno, so their participation will not be accepted.

"This is because it will not sit well with the rakyat who do not want the old government to influence the new government," he said.

While these members can quit Umno or other parties while individually expressing their support for Pakatan Harapan, Mahathir stressed that they cannot become party members.- The Sun Daily, 16/5/2018

Parti komponen bincang kuota Ahli Majlis Selasa ini

Parti komponen bincang kuota Ahli Majlis Selasa ini
Loy Sian (tengah) ditemui selepas program Bazar Ramadan Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) 2018 di GM Klang, petang tadi.

KLANG - Perbincangan kuota dan agihan kerusi Ahli Majlis melibatkan 12 Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) di Selangor diadakan Selasa ini sebelum tempoh perkhidmatan Ahli Majlis tamat 30 Jun depan.

Naib Pengerusi PKR Selangor, Hee Loy Sian berkata, mesyuarat jam 3 petang itu melibatkan penyertaan kesemua parti komponen Pakatan Harapan (Harapan).

"Perbincangan ini penting kerana suasana sekarang sudah berlainan, sebelum ini kita ada wakil Pas, sekarang Pas sudah keluar dan kerusi Ahli Majlis bagi parti itu bakal dikosongkan.

"Sekarang kita ada dua parti baharu menyertai Harapan iaitu Bersatu dan Amanah yang turut berhak mendapat kuota bagi jawatan Ahli Majlis," katanya selepas program Bazar Ramadan Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) 2018 di GM Klang, petang tadi.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika ditanya berkenaan perkembangan pelantikan Ahli Majlis di Selangor yang bakal berakhir 30 Jun depan.

Adun Kajang itu berkata, dari segi peratus agihan akan berlainan jadi kepimpinan parti akan bermesyuarat untuk mencapai kata putus berkenaan pembahagian itu.

"Bukan semua kerusi milik Pas akan diberikan kepada Amanah atau Bersatu, kemungkinan ada yang akan dapat kurang atau lebih kerusi.

"Perbincangan itu bukan hanya melibatkan kerusi yang ditinggalkan Pas bahkan juga kerusi DAP dan PKR juga akan dibincangkan dalam pembahagian itu," katanya.

Beliau menambah, perbincangan itu akan menggunapakai satu formula yang membolehkan semua pihak menerima keputusan mesyuarat itu nanti.

"Jangkaan kita pelantikan Ahli Majlis akan diadakan bermula 1 Julai nanti jadi ia perlu diselesaikan sebelum tarikh itu," katanya.

Terdahulu, Kerajaan Negeri telah melanjutkan tempoh perkhidmatan Ahli Majlis PBT yang sepatutnya  tamat 31 Disember lalu sebelum dilanjutkan ke tarikh 30 Jun depan.

Ia melibatkan seramai 283 Ahli Majlis di kesemua 12 PBT di seluruh Selangor. - Sinar Harian, 28/5/2018

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