Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Win or Lose - Report suspected wrongs to SUHAKAM, police to ensure CLEAN and FAIR ELECTIONS

Polling Agents and Counting Agents work hard to ensure a FREE and FAIR Elections - therefore, if there is suspected wrongdoings that you come across, REPORT it to the SPR, SUHAKAM, BERSIH, and even make a police report..

SADLY, many political parties, if the WIN do not make these reports...

And, if the LOSE with a high majority and see no way of challenging the Elections, the also do not make these reports to the SPR. Why? They are simply not bothered unless the 'wrongdoings' will serve a purpose to support their Election Petitions..

This kind of self-serving attitude by some CANDIDATES and the Political Parties is UNACCEPTABLE - for win or lose, these reports are essential to be made to the SPR, Police, etc 

It can be most FRUSTRATING for the people who volunteered their time and energy to finally find out that the diligence and efforts are 'wasted'..

Therefore, irrespective of the CANDIDATE or the Political Party does anything or nothing, the people who are PACA - take it upon yourselves to make the needed report - and also send the aduan/report to SUHAKAM(Malaysian Human Rights Commission.

2 persons with the same name(and NRIC) turn up at the ballot centre - well, get the names of these persons(if possible also a description - better if there is a photo). Record also the time they turned up - what they were wearing, etc..what vehicle they came in, etc...
- This is a SERIOUS Criminal Offence as well - so a police report should also be made. 

Likewise, any other hanky panky or observed alleged wrongdoings...

SPR - Well, I am disappointed - they seem not so interested other than the outcome of elections.. They also lake 'enforcement officers' who can follow up and investigate such 'identity theft' or 'impersonation'...

So, make sure the report is made to the police (get a copy of the report for yourself, also make sure you lodge a complaint with SUHAKAM...the current SUHAKAM is now more independent and will follow up and do something..

LIKEWISE - if anyone sees some wrongdoing or possible crimes - like bribing, threats, etc...hanky panky done by the SPR officials...report it.

Our Election Commission(SPR) has been perceived of not being very 'INDEPENDENT', fair or efficient in this elections ...A lot of complaints from overseas voters having not received their ballot papers(or receiving it too late to enable them to return the marked ballot paper in time to matter and be counted...REALLY - the time between NOMINATION and BALLOTING must be longer - at least 30 days...Postal service takes time to send mail - normally, even when you ask the local post office how long it takes - they say about 3-4 days ...POS LAJU is fastest but that too may take 2 days at times...So, 11 days between nomination and voting - more so, since postal votes had to come in the day before, i.e. 8/5/2018(I believe)..

So, send your complaints (WIN or LOSE) - because we want a CLEAN and FAIR Elections - we must ensure the guilty are made accountable and justice is done.

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For complaints on human rights infringments, please email : complaints@suhakam.org.my / Complaint System Online

So, PACA and others - do the right thing - report any suspected wrongdoings yourself - so make sure you have a copy of your own copy of records/documents - Note, the candidates/party usually will collect your notes/documentations - KEEP A COPY FOR YOURSELF (with necessary details). Remember, if the wrongdoing happens in your 'saluran' - make sure you have a record of names(and NRIC, if possible) or the other SPR officers in your room, plus also the wakil caluns of the other candidates. If there is going to be any investigation and follow up - these potential witnesses(or perpetrators will help). Facts are important...details 


Press Statement No. 12 of 2018 on (“SUHAKAM will Monitor 14th General Election”)

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