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MTUC - Pekerja Malaysia - Kredibility hanya bagi orang menepati janji. MTUC sokong Harapan?

Malaysian Trade Union Congress(MTUC) is the Malaysian government and International Labour Organisation(ILO) representative for almost 14 million workers in Malaysia, and they have just asked all Malaysian workers to vote for Pakatan Harapan...

The UMNO-BN government has not being listening to Malaysian workers and Trade Unions for just too long. Assurances by Ministry officials are simply not implemented by the government - including this Najib led UMNO-BN government..

Patience is one thing ...but how long do workers in Malaysia have to wait...See MTUC's open letter to Najib below...

MTUC backs Harapan, urges 14m workers to show their might

8 May 2018 Print page

The Malaysia Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has called on the 14 million-strong workforce in the country to vote for Pakatan Harapan in the 14th general election tomorrow.

In a statement today, MTUC secretary-general J Solomon said doing so would send the message that workers are key to the country’s economy and “should never be ignored”.

“Workers have the power to vote out any government that is anti-labour, and kleptocratic because the workers’ voice and strength are sacred and powerful.

“We want a government that gives us equal respect in a tripartite body, so that workers can have an equitable share in the wealth of the nation,” he said.

According to Solomon, wages are low and workers are becoming poorer, and the situation is compounded by the rising cost of living and the goods and services tax (GST).

“75 percent of Malaysians do not have enough savings to tide them over for more than a week without work, and 18 percent of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members will be living just above the poverty line, after retirement.

“Unions are necessary to uplift the socio-economy of the working class, but here in Malaysia, they are being suppressed by archaic laws with no indication of being repealed.

“Our pleas to the government to reform the laws have fallen on deaf ears, but when the interests of those in power are affected, such laws are introduced speedily to protect their interests,” said Solomon, adding that the caretaker prime minister and his deputy, had failed to respond to MTUC’s appeals on various workers’ issues.

Three million jobs for whom?

Solomon also noted that the three million jobs promised by BN in its manifesto, in the next five years, is “ambiguous” as it was not stated whether it’s for locals or migrant workers from China.

He pointed out that the promise of 1.5 million jobs listed in the 11th Malaysian Plan is also yet to be fulfilled.
Solomon then alleged that the government also interfered in the administration of MTUC, causing a rift in its leadership.

“Human and workers’ rights have been left out of the education syllabus so students, even university graduates, are not aware of their basic rights.

“Our greatest wealth is unity in the multiracial country and we cannot jeopardise this rich culture for the greed of power, wealth and under the disguise of industrial revolution 4.0,” he said.

“Having considered all factors that has taken place in the last one year and five months, and having seen the deteriorating condition of workers and trade union rights, as an elected secretary-general of MTUC and the chief executive of MTUC, despite having supported the BN government in the past, I am duty bound to appeal to you to change the government,” Solomon appealed.

Harapan, he added, should be given an opportunity to serve Malaysians for at least the next five years, and if they do not deliver as promised, can be replaced in the next election.

Source : https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/423649#.WvErmr50Ayg.whatsapp
Source: MTUC website


7 May 2018 Print page

Dear Caretaker PM,

MTUC Leadership met YAB on 28 Feb 2017. Among others, we requested for funds – RM5 million to assist MTUC to serve our workers through Research, Service Centres, Free Legal Service.

YAB asked for details and we gave you the details on 3 March 2017. But till Parliament was dissolved on 7 April 2018 we did not hear from YAB.

On 1 May 2018, after more than one (1) year, when YAB is caretaker Government, YAB is promising to give workers RM3 million – if YAB wins!

YAB, the government has taken almost RM 200 billion from Workers fund in the EPF for Government projects.

Is it too much to ask from the Government to assist MTUC with RM5 Million to provide the much-needed services to the 14 million workers through MTUC?

Do is appropriate for the Government to take more than one year to decide on this much needed simple request?

On the contrary, why announce it when YAB is the caretaker government, and, if you win?

The irony is when one is in power, a promise is made but it is not delivered, however, one is taking advantage of a Worker’s Day platform to offer a lesser amount – RM 3 Million compared to the originally amount requested, that too, if he wins the impending elections.

This is not credible!

It seems like bribery: to make a promise of a grant of RM3 million in return for votes from the workers.

Question: Should we vote for PH or still give BN another five years?

Food for thought! _MTUC Website

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