Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Workers Walk #02 - 2pm, 18/10/2016, Prime Ministers Office, Putrajaya

Well, if the Malaysian Trade Union Congress(MTUC) is not going to lead - then others will step up and take the lead.

But, then it would not be surprising that the MTUC leaders pop up and take the limelight at the last moment.

WORKERS WALK - this will the 2nd Workers Walk, and again there has not been much publicity...and there is still uncertainty as to what is going to be the demands this time.

Sadly, worker leaders in Malaysia has yet to call for a large scale Peaceful Assembly to highlight worker issues in Malaysia - which is a lot and is growing with time. As these leaders in MTUC and the other National Unions fail, worker and union rights suffer...UNLESS other new leaders soon emerge.

MTUC and some National Unions, when it comes to dealing injustice, worker rights violation, etc , still just 'protest silently' to the government authorities...they lodge complaints - they bring their problems to the Minister or the Prime Minister...they do not 'struggle' - they do almost no lobby for support from the public, civil society organizations, NGOs, other trade unions and workers...

Many a time, the leaders act alone, not involving the workers in their actions - hence forgetting the basic principle of worker struggle - SOLIDARITY - where is the solidarity, if workers are left out of the discussion, decision making and the ACTIONS...where are the numbers? 

Will we see at least 10,000 of the over 13 million workers at Workers Walk - or are we again going to see a small group of less than a 100..or even less?

Why do worker leaders not lobby the Malaysian public - for after all, it is we that chose the MPs and ADUNs, and have an influence on the government?


Have Malaysian Union leaders just lost the ability to be able to mobilize their own union membership to ACTION? There are about 800,000 unionized workers in Malaysia.

We shall see how many turn up for tomorrow's Workers Walk...{Note MTUC also in 2016 only managed to get about 200 for their nationwide rally]

MTUC elections is coming up soon - and maybe for the good of the LABOUR MOVEMENT IN MALAYSIA - maybe, we should get rid of ALL those elected MTUC leaders, and get totally NEW PROGRESSIVE LEADERS.

MTUC does not even have as members 40% of the Unions in Malaysia - and that is most sad. From the point of view of the International Labour Organisation(ILO) and the Malaysian government, it is the MTUC that is the Malaysian worker/union representative...so, it is responsible for all workers - not just their members?

Good luck for the Workers Walk 2016 [which sadly, one finds no information on the MTUC website]...this is the initiative of some of the alternate leaders..

Would have been better if there was more early publicity - and it was not a working day. Worker leaders must understand that workers work - and best to have it on the weekend or on a public holiday - The law allows for Peaceful Assembly - So, when will we have an opportunity for workers to come out and express their demands, lobby public support, etc 

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